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Health Benefits from feeding Raw Dog Food

What’s so good about Raw Dog Food?
Dogs are canines and despite thousands of years of breeding, still closely resemble their ancestor the wolf. The wolf’s diet is wide and varied depending on food resources available to it at the time. It is a supreme hunter but also a scavenger. It’s diet predominantly consists of organs, bones and meat but it will also eat ripe fruit and the intestinal contents of ruminants. By doing this it receives a balanced diet over a period of time receiving all the amino acids, minerals and trace elements essential for optimal health.

The dog used to be fed similarly before the war, a large meaty bone from the butchers and scraps from the table were the basis of a diet for the pet dog and it was healthy. As fit as a butchers dog was a saying but it was also fact.

By feeding Raw to your dog without any processed foods (more later) you create a balanced and healthy dog that is capable of making the most from every morsel of food thus benefiting from shiny coats, reduced risk of allergies, cleaner teeth, healthy gums, less odours, and satiation after meals.

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Is processed food really so bad?
Processed food was invented after the war as a convenient, cheap and ‘complete’ way of feeding your dog. The focus by advertisers was on the owner, taking the worry or fuss out of feeding your pet rather than focussing on it’s biologically appropriate raw food diet. Cereal fillers, low grade meat or ‘derivatives’, preservatives, flavour enhancers were all added then cooked up to produce biscuit or ‘kibble’ that you could leave out in a bowl all day until your dog was hungry enough to eat it.
There have been many studies in the last twenty years into the link between gum disease and the modern processed diet. A leading exponent of this subject was Australian Vet Dr Tom Lonsdale and in the video below he goes into fascinating details about not just his studies but the veterinarian response to his work throughout the world.

Grain is for the birds, not your dog.
A great many dry and wet foods have maize or maize meal as the main ingredient, studies show that this is added as a filler and has minimal if any benefits to the health of your dog. Grains are cooked to high temperatures to make them digestible but this destroys a large percentage of minerals and massively reduces the nutritional value. By feeding raw nothing is lost and the canine extracts the maximum possible nutrition from the Raw diet.

Australian Vet Dr Tom Lonsdale, author of ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ is interviewed in this video and explains the science and research and first hand experience in all aspects of a dogs diet.
He explains the causes of gum disease and tooth decay in dogs and analyses its cause and in his opinion the cure. It was never rocket science, just common sense..well worth a watch.